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Azerbaijan sex

As the largest country in the Caucasus region, Azerbaijan in 2014 had ratio of girls to boys of 15.

With the inaugural European Games taking place in the country's capital, Baku, increasing pressure is on Azerbaijan to address human rights and social issues.

She says she was reluctant, but her husband threatened to divorce her and take custody of their daughters.

Aliyeva ultimately gave in and ended up having a surgical abortion.

Aliyeva has suffered a deep psychological trauma as the result of her experience."In middle schools, you can see six girls and 17 boys or 14 boys and five girls" in a class, she says.Psychologist Dayanet Rzayev says that in a patriarchal society such as Azerbaijan's, many families see boys as securing the family's future.A 2010 study exploring the "mystery of missing female children in the Caucasus" concluded that the number of girls born in Azerbaijan was lower than expected, a finding that was "consistent" with the country's 8,381 sex-selective abortions that year.The study, which focused on selected post-Soviet states, found elevated sex ratios in Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia since the late 1980s, and 10 percent fewer girl births in those countries combined.

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