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Dating direct affinity au nt mat

It was also decided to collate John 7:1, which was not covered by Kieffer. One advantage of using these passages was that Hermann von Soden had probably used test passages ("Stichkapitel") in Mark 10-11 and John 6-7 to establish his textual groupings.

This was because the verse seems to be a closing statement to chapter 6, with a new episode commencing at 7:2 (cf. Both his classifications and collations, if consulted, could be expected to be more trustworthy in these places.

Firstly, it is well-known that scribes sometimes changed their exemplars during the copying process, thereby producing "block-mixture;" Unfortunately, it later became evident that the test passage in John 10 would not contribute much to the genealogical analysis since it contained very few deviations from the mainstream Byzantine text. Then there was the consideration of what had already been done by others.

It was decided to choose a passage in Mark 11, allowing for comparison against Blake, Lake, and New's collations.

To teach another how to become a textual critic is like teaching another how to become a poet.

The fundamental principles and criteria can be set forth ..., but the appropriate application of these in individual cases rests upon the student's own sagacity and insight. In the case of the PA, there are several distinctive variants, but two variation units stand out in John 8:8b-9a.

The Textus Receptus (Oxford 1873 ed.) reads ("and they reading").These MSS are listed with short descriptions in the following tables.Three of them, namely 978, 1068, and lectionary 694, were corrected to the "Patmos" readings of the PA by a later hand.It also holds a comprehensive collection of Greek NT MS images on microfilm.The collection is accessible to any serious researcher through the hospitality of the Mnster staff.

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MS 1204 had evidently been copied from two archetypes since it shifted alignment after Mark .