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When doing grep requests in the plugins folders on the patterns ACT_DENIAL, ACT_DESTRUCTIVE, ACT_KILL_HOST, it returns about 300 plugins.

Out of these plugins, 290 do no have the word "safe_checks" in their code.

Therefore I believe that if I activate all plugins, and enable option "Safe Checks", these dangerous plugins would still be run against the target hosts and possibly crash them... The only place to search multiple dating sites at once. I seem to be missing something here, or my installation of nessus has a bug possibly.

Any chance that the option "Disable dangerous plugins" could be added again (or if the "filter" option could filter "out" instead of "in", and based on multiple patterns maybe) ? -- _______________________________________________ NEW! When I enable all plugins, enable "Safe checks" and starts a scan (to be sure all options get saved), then I interrupt it, close nessus gui and I open the file .nessusrc.

-----Original Message----- From: [email protected][mailto:[email protected]]On Behalf Of Michel Arboi Sent: Monday, March 21, 2005 AM To: [email protected]: Re: Safe checks vs Disable dangerous plugins On Mon Mar 21 2005 at , Mallory, Danny wrote: What's the use of it?

If you just need a couple of plugins, maybe you can disable all of them, select your plugins and enable dependencies.

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Without the option for disabling dangerous plugins how can someone enable some specific dangerous plugins along with the safe ones without going through a long manual checking process.