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Is bristol palin dating anyone

Or maybe she had already signed the birth certificate.It’s a testament to true romance: If Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are back together, maybe love can conquer all—even if your parents hate your fiancé’s guts.When former Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari gave birth to a baby on November 23, 2015, Bristol—someone who does not know Cavallari personally—immediately posted a response on Instagram. Well, Cavallari named In the caption, she wrote “when you find out @kristincavallari named her baby the exact name you are naming yours 🙀😳 what a weird coincidence ..congrats on your new bundle, and I do love her name.. ”Maybe Bristol picked the name “Sailor” well in advance, and she was strongly attached to it, for whatever reason.Speaking from Delta Junction, Alaska, where he is working as an electrician for the summer, 20-year-old Barber said he was blindsided by news that Bristol and Levi had reunited.Barber says he and Bristol got together just after Christmas last year, and only broke up two months ago.But according to RWC, the date actually reads 11/4/2015—the “real” day that Bristol gave birth.

Click Below to View Our Gallery of Star-Crossed Couples “She was totally anti-Levi.Barber, a Wasilla native, has known the Palins for years and says he’s close friends with the Palins’ eldest son, Track.Johnston and Barber were also friends; the two played hockey together, and Barber was set to be one of Levi’s groomsmen, as news that Bristol was pregnant by Levi was followed by wedding plans.Since giving birth to her son Tripp, Bristol has been a paid speaker for the Candie’s Foundation, an organization that aims to prevent unplanned pregnancies by preaching abstinence.In 2011 alone, Bristol made According to the top line of the post, Sarah—or someone in charge of Sarah’s Facebook page—posted this photo from New Orleans, Louisiana, a far way from the Alaska hospital where Bristol supposedly gave birth the day before.

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In short, RWC’s Instagram-theorizing about the “real” paternity of Bristol’s baby is weak.