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Lonely dating site

Sure, phone and video calls are better than nothing.

But that cozy feeling of sharing a space and conversation with other like-minded people? Once a year we host a Love Breakthrough Weekend to give women the opportunity to work with us live and in person.

Modern technology is pretty amazing in that way and we love how it has allowed us to work with women all over the world.

In fact, single people aren’t simply dissatisfied with their relationship status, they’re feeling downright lonely.

I think it’s safe to say that people on dating sites aren’t exactly satisfied with their solo lifestyle.

Do you long for not just soulmate love, but also deep connections with other like-minded women? Loneliness is becoming more common in today’s world.

Despite all the ways we’re able to communicate with others online and on our phones, people aren’t necessarily feeling more connected. Instead of downloading yet another dating app, try this instead.

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That being said, Johnny and I know from experience that nothing beats the energy and excitement of showing up to an event in person.

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