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Posted by / 10-Aug-2017 15:19

I don't see any element name field in the QName. I also put a breakpoint inside both methods in eclipse, but when I run the webservice, the breakpoint was not hit, so that means the two methods were not called at all. You need to modify the get Validation Request Source(Web Service Message request) method.

I need to validate two schemas which are identical in namespace but they use different elements of the same structure.The problem with Spring-WS is that in contrast to SAAJ and Axiom, it doesn’t have a well defined MTOM processing model.Namely, it is unspecified whether the object representing XOP decoded or encoded data.So what should I do is to create a class that extends from Abstract Validating Interceptor, then implement that two methods, correct?If that correct, how to get the element name from QName object? I can send you in pastebin if you want [email protected]: No the default implementation of those methods are fine.

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Namely the method (or a new, overloaded version of that method) should have an argument that allows the caller to specify whether it expects it to return XOP encoded or decoded data, i.e.