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Uoir little some women think what might have been their condition if they were raised in this city.

'Tis probable the lecturer found a home occasionally among the advocates of pre-natal homicide.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. She has not only demonstrated that the silk raw material can be raised here, but also, to some extent, be manufactured. Dunyon is about preparing some silk for brother Hannam, of Prove, who purposes weaving from it a piece of satin, to be placed in the Centennial Exhibition. The progress of silk culture in Utah may be apparently slow, yet it is steadily and surely gaining ground on the road which leads to its becoming some time one of the staple and chief products of the Territory. — The Judges of the Supreme Court of Utah eondnded the business of the session last evening, (Jan. For some reason, not stated, they emigrated eastward in a body.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. The Delawares in revenge for the great loss of men, prepared for a conflict, and made a league with the Iroquois, and they both attacked the Alligewi, when great and bloody battles ensued, in whidi many were killed on both sides, no quarter being given.

'' We ha Te had no Congressional assistance, and with the exception of the munificent gift of President Brig- ham Young for the benefit of schools, amounting to ,000, this Territory has received no bequest or assistance from any source to advance its educa- tional interests, other than our own individual and combined exertions." Beport accepted and committee discharged from further action on the subject. Because there is little to recommend itself in your Gbristianity. However, an attempt was made to proceed and cross the divide to Hampton's, bot after going but a short distance the train had to return to Logan for the snow-plow, when the divide was again attempted, but after Mendon was left sboot three miles behind, it was decided, from necessity to go no further ahead, but to return, but the retreat was cut off, as well as the advance, by the engine running ot T the track, so the party had to stay out in the mountains all night, minus blanket or provisions, but made the best of it. T., January 8, 1876, of disease of the lungs, etc., after a short lllne M, Elisabeth T., beloved wife of John Galley, Esq.. She was the mother of six children, and lived and didd » faithful Latter-day Saints.— (Com.— " News." Hailstonk.- In the 15th Ward, Salt Lake City, January 24, 1876, from injuries received by beioc run over by a sleigh, William Hailstone, bora in Bottlesford. 111.) The Virflrinians believed there were tutelary deities to every town, besides the Great Spirit and other gods which are con- founded with him.

119 withstanding; the many animadversions in relation to our school syetem in this Territory, we stand equal to, and far in advance of, some of the States and Territories that boast of the superior faicilities of the free school system ; ftod as before stated, we are above the general average in the United States. The gentleman says be is "convinced that the state of the poor in the Christian countries of Italy, France and England (all of which countries I have visited), especially in the large towns, is infinitely more wretched, godless, degrading and barbarous thim it is in heathen India." This Hindoo protester also makes the following bome-thrusts : — ** Why do you not make more Christians among the respecta- ble classes of society ? By the time the train reached Mendon it blew such a hurricane, that it appeared as if old Boreas was trying to burst his jaws. daughter of ^ eorge and Alice Partington, aged S years and 6 months.— Utah papers please copy. — (Cool — ** News." Oailkt.— At Kaysrille, Davis County, U. Deceased was a native of Plymouth, England ; emigrated in 1866, crossing the Plains with her father, John Henwood, in a hand-cart company. Deceased emigrated from England in the " Clara Wheeler," in 1864, arriving in Salt Lake City Oct. THE UTTERDAl SAINTS' MILLEITIfl AL STAR **ASJ) THEY THAT BE WISE SHALL Sfi IKE AS THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE FIRMAHEKT AID THET THAT TUBN MANY TO RIGHTEOUSNESS AS THE STARS FOB EVER AND EVER.*'— 7ajii«/. They were sometimes decorated with rude carvings and paintings, which possibly had srime signification understood by them (Mc Calloch's Researches, p.

The medical profession has a keen interest in the growing practice of habitual recourse to sleep-potions, because it is with the connivance ef the profession, if not under its specific advice, that these soporific poisons are employed. ** Well." said the professor, saryejring the sta* dent eritically, ** whoever cut yon out onderstooa his busi Aess." Said a handsome young bachelor to a handsome young lady, recently, ** If not yourseli^ who would you rather be? Bnt he with benevolent feeling invested,— When a person receives as his wants have re- The means for his purpose possessing,— quired it, Who gives to the needy his gifts unrcqutsted. The most important Indian nation of the United States was the renowned confederacy known as the Iroquois, or ** six nations." They were originally divided into five tribes : Mohawks, Oneidas, Cayugas, Onondagas and 120 LATTE&-DAY SAINTS MILLENNIAL STAB. The Toscaroras from the ■oath were afterwards united with them.

Macbeth murdered sleep ; a very large and, unhappily, increasing number of well meaning but misguided persons poison it. It has been demonstrated that the coke from Sanpete coal la equal in every respect to the Pennsylvania article, and in this one branch of industry hundreds of thousands of dollars can be saved to the Territory, annu- ally, in raikoad freights ; and besides, with cheap fuel for smelting, much of the low grade ores which are now worthless, can be profitably reduced. Th0 yonjig man is deserving of success in his indostrud enterprise. A professor was expoetalatiiig with a stndent for his idleness, when the latter said^ *' If B no use ; I was cut out for a loafer. They had a temple, in which was kindled a fire, and the people at stated times cast into it, through the han(is of their priests, whatever articles they esteemed valuable (Purchas* Pilg. From their traditions it appears they had emigrated from the west not many years previous.

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