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From a big picture point of view, the overall impact is a much better social environment.Through dramatization of an historical event, for example, cultural practices, values, customs, traditions and mores, can come to life, and the interplay among the people involved can be better understood.We develop plays in which we interpret our own history and experiences, conduct educational and identity workshops for the community, and engage community members to challenge injustice rather than stand silent.CIRCA believes in the power of the arts not only as a means of self-discovery and self-expression, but more importantly, in its strength to collectively reflect the struggle of the immigrant experience in America.CIRCA Pintig seeks to close the gaps that divide us.CIRCA believes that by reaching out and touching the lives of individuals when they are at an impressionable age, when their minds and hearts are still relatively open, we can better understand the problems that they may project towards the society later in life. It provides an outlet for self-expression, increases social awareness, develops self respect and self knowledge.Yet there is an inevitable psychosocial and even economic distance.The distance in terms of human understanding between the immigrants, and local communities and among various immigrant communities as well has had negative effects on society.

One of CIRCA Pintig’s goals, through its community arts program, is to help support the development of the intellectual, emotional, and social aspects of the child.For children in particular, the theatrical medium can have great influence, as a spectator or participant, because theater is a non-manipulative influence and the spectator or participant is not on his guard.Through this “soft sell” but high impact medium, the child is able to form values and attitudes that he can transfer to real life situations.It consists of historicizing workshops, dramatic exercises and training on ethnic music, dance, literature and visual arts. These workshops culminate in a Theatrical production in the Fall.Each production serves as the creative synthesis of all the artistic-educational processes that the community youths went through.

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In doing so, art empowers the community and renders it a potent force for social change.

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