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If a free person is abusive or unnecessarily rude to you, take it up with a moderator.

If there are no mods are in the room, save the log (copy & paste), politely inform them that you need to place them on ignore and do so, then contact a moderator to report the problem.

For example, if a free person tells you to drop a subject, it is reasonable.

If they order you to show yourself on cam, it is not.) • No bickering! If you have an issue with someone and cannot remain civil, take it elsewhere.

• Slaves are not required to beg "entrance", but are required to at least greet the free (masters first, then mistresses) immediately upon entering.

We have thousands of users online at any time of the day and we are the fastest growing Slave chat online.Remember - you are apologizing for being displeasing, not for doing whatever it is you are accused of!- Offer your owner's contact information (for an email address @chat.Gorean that will forward to your regular email address, so you can keep your private info private click here.Suggested response: (3rd person speech optional, but often conveys the proper attitude better) "This slave is sorry you feel that way Master.

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