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Webcam girls jennifer oregon

Burleigh said Bend police wanted to thank the agencies that assisted in the operation"We understand how devastating human trafficking is in society, and we are actively committed to ending sex trafficking in Central Oregon," Burleigh said.Burleigh explained to News Channel 21 that the female suspects were not identified because they could also be victims, "coerced into that way of life" by those who exploit them.Women who are now in their 50s and 60s have come up to me after local presentations to ask for help coping with the scars after having been trafficked here when they were in their teens."It has long been known that Central Oregon is a recruiting ground.

Two Portland women also were charged, one arrested on a charge of prostitution and an out-of-county DUII warrant, while the second was cited and released, Burleigh said.I wouldn't say we are a hot spot for human trafficking but I would say it happens in every ZIP code in the United States, and it happens right here in our backyard."They move up and down the 1-5 corridor to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle.and in that process they come to Bend," said Kevin Fritz, chief strategy officer at Guardian Group.He said a similar operation was done a few years ago, though it might not have been similarly publicized.Burleigh said, "People are starting to understand -- there's so much going on with human trafficking, how much of it is manipulation by the people trying to make the money off of it.

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Belles talks about a newer trend in trafficking; "BDSM (bondage, dominance, submission, masochism) has been glamorized in the pop culture by recent books and movies.

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