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They’re still blocked.” Among Baume’s posts that are still unavailable on Restricted Mode are videos about the persecution of gay men in Chechnya and the importance of job protections for LGBT workers.

In some cases, the situation is even more severe: Genderqueer You Tuber Ash Hardell says that, for a while, every one of her videos were invisible on Restricted Mode.

In her farewell, Ello Steph (real name: Steph Frosch) warned of a coming exodus.

“A lot of LGBTQ content creators like myself have been financially struggling due to these new restrictions being implemented,” she says.

In an April video, “You Tube Is Over Party,” game vlogger Pew Die Pie warned that giving brands more control over which channels their ads appeared in would decimate content creators.

Analytics firm Captiv8 found that comedy and gaming channels were hit hardest, experiencing revenue drops of 37% and 29% respectively.

And this is all after You Tube reportedly “fixed” its problem.

The ad spurred a slew of memes on social media, with some parodying civil rights movement protests as Pepsi ads.

In 2015, she was finally allowed to meet her grandmother as her true self.

She hugged her and, as Armstrong explains in the video, said she would always love her.

When you search for either of their channels with Restricted Mode on, you can’t find them at all.

“I refuse to change my content, but I’m making significantly less money,” Hardell tells New Now Next.

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We hope people can enjoy this in the spirit it was intended."The ad still exists on the company's You Tube page.

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